Electromagnetic flowmeter type PEM-1000

Nominal size: DN10...1000 (ANSI 0,5...40“)
Maximum static pressure 1,6MPa, 2,5MPa or 4MPa
Accuracy: +/-0,5%
Analog outputs: 4...20mA,
Communication protocol: Modbus RTU / RS 485

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Flange type of nozzle flowmeter ZPK

nominal pressure PN6÷PN100
size of flowmeter DN25÷DN800
material of flow element (orifice, nozzle): stainless steel 1.4301
material of construction elements: carbon steel, austenic steel, stainless steel
temperature up to 500°C
material certification
calculation acc. to PN-EN ISO 5167, ISO/TR 15377

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